In this day and age, we have the age-old battle between the left and right of weather we should be giving freedom to the business, or to the consumer.

Those against net neutrality support the idea that internet service providers should be able to charge what they want, to who they want, regardless of the discrimination that this may cause.
They believe that the internet does not belong to the people who use it. They are somehow blinded to the fact that this will inevitably end in a favoring of those with money, leaving the poor and middle class at even more of a disadvantage. When something becomes a necessity to all people for their daily lives, it ceases to be logical or moral for a wealthy company to control how this is handled and produced, and can more reasonably be viewed as an issue that needs to be addressed by the general public.

Net neutrality is the fight for a free internet by not letting internet service providers control what happens, who can use the internet, how much they can charge that individual, or what quality of internet is given to them for the price that they pay. The end goal of this fight is to make the internet public domain so that it can be free for all people, regardless of class, to use. If the poor are made incapable of using the internet, it could have a drastic effect on the economy of this country, creating an even larger gap between rich and poor than there already is.
Check out Jason Hope talking on Net Neutrality for more information.

194777772_1a4346209b_o So why should you care about net neutrality?
Many Americans choose to disconnect themselves from the stress of politics and feel that their one vote will not directly make a difference, but this issue deeply affects each one of us. This is one of the first decades that almost every job you will take place in has something to do with the internet, every company has a website, and most small businesses rely on at least some form of internet communications or sales to keep their already struggling business afloat.

If a small business is being charged more for their internet speed, connection, and general access or content, then they will be forced to charge more, especially is part of their business is making sales online. As a result, of this, the consumers will move their business to larger corporations who have the ability to have lower prices because they are more favored by internet service providers as they are more of a source of income and can pay for a higher quality of internet.

So who is it that is fighting the battle to keep you from enjoying the same internet service as the wealthy? Well, surprisingly quite a few of the main fighters against the cause of net neutrality are running for president or in congress on the republican side. Senator Ted Cruz for one has introduced bills to strip the FCC of net neutrality authorities leaving these corporations as an unregulated authority to those who use and need the internet. Ted Cruz has made such claims as regulating internet costs and making it more of a public domain would make the progression of the internet freeze in place or that this would make the life of internet entrepreneurs substantially harder. These easily debunked claims made by the senator should be analyzed and then once easily shown to be false, discredited.